Public Speaking & Presentation

Conducted by
Professor Logandran Balavijendran
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Class Policies

Language - This class is done in English but is not a class about English. That means I will not be teaching you English in class, nor will I be grading your English (pronounciation, grammar, spelling etc). However if you have questions about the language, please feel free to talk to me about it and I will gladly help you. That said, one of the objectives of this class is to build your confidence using the English language, so all communication (even group assignments) should be done in English.

Assignments - Almost all assignments in class can be re-done, either to get a better score or just to try a different style. All assignments must be redone at most one week after I give you back the assignment, and the topic (or some other component) must be changed. More details will be provided in class.

Evaluation - The emphasis of evaluation for this class is more practical than theoretical, therefore we won't be using a textbook and the majority of your grade will come from assignments. That said, theoretical understanding is also important, so a part of your score will come from quizzes. All quizzes will use material from this website and what was discussed in class, and will be announced at least one week before. The evaluation plan is as follows

  • Assignments - 60%
  • Quizzes - 30%
  • Participation - 10%

Lesson Plan

This is a brief overview of what we will cover this semester. Other items may be added as required.

  • Speech Structure and Organization
    • Basic Structure and Components of Speech
    • Developing Components
    • Advanced Organization - using themes, chronology, cause and effect, narratives
  • Non-Verbal Communication and Style
  • Contextual Speaking
    • Speaking for different Audiences, Impacts and Results
  • Interactive Speaking
    • Interacting with your Audience and Other Speakers
  • Speaking with Visual and Other Speaking Aids