Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am late?
Your team will have to debate without you. One of your teammates will have to speak twice. You will not receive a score for that round

What if I cannot come on that day?
If you have a legitimate excuse, inform your Professor and a substitute assignment will be created for you. However you have to make a serious effort to come, since this is similar to your final exam. 

If I lose every round, can I still get the full score?
Yes you can! Just speak above 5 minutes (but below 5.30), ask and answer POIs and make sure you have minimum speech quality.

If I am on the losing team, can I get chosen as the Best Speaker?
Yes you can! 

What is the criteria for Best Speaker?
The Best Speaker is the person who, compared to all the other speakers in the debate, was the most persuasive, had the best style and organization, and tried the hardest to win the debate.