Motions for Dean's Cup Spring 2011

One motion will be randomly selected from this list before each round. You will then have ten minutes to prepare, so it is strongly suggested you familiarize yourself with these motions now!

  1. Identities of sex offenders should be made public after they have been released from prison
  2. Teachers unions should not have the right to strike
  3. Governments should never bail out failing companies
  4. Parents should have access to their children's social networking accounts
  5. Plastic surgery should be banned for those under the age of 21
  6. South Korea should legalize abortion for all women
  7. There should be a quota for a minimum number of women on the board of directors of all major companies
  8. It's time South Korea broke up their Chaebols
  9. Idol stars a bad influence on today's youth
  10. Korea should abolish taxes on imported food (e.g rice, beef etc)