Example Debate Videos

Here are some examples of debates and speeches. Watch these speeches to understand the Asian Parliamentary Format! Observe if all the speakers follow their roles, use proper arguments or rebuttals. Don't expect these speeches to be perfect, no one is perfect. But I'm sure all of these speakers will fulfill some of their roles. What do they do right, and what can they improve?

Example of a Full Asian Parliamentary Debate :

1. "We should ban pop idols below the age of majority from wearing sexy clothes"

This debate is from the finals of the Winter Asian Debate Institute (an international debate workshop which is held every Winter and Summer in CAU). The team in government is comprised of students from China and Japan, and the opposition is comprised of Korean students. You won't be able to see all the speakers standing up to offer Points of Information but you should be able to see some of them.

First four speeches / Second four speeches

2. "We should have a stamina system for online gaming"

This is from the finals of the Korean National debate championships hosted by KIDA (Korean Intervarsity Debate Association) 2010. It's a debate between Korea University (Government) and Seoul National University (Opposition)

Watch entire debate

3. "Gay parades do more harm than good"

This debate is from the semifinals of the Asian Debating Championships 2010. The team in government is from the National University of Singapore and the team in opposition is from Ateneo de Manila University. The speakers speak a little faster than the previous debate and there are some foreign accents, but it's a very good debate.

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