Video Lecture - Roles of Speakers - the Deputies

Deputy Speakers

I explain the role of the Deputy Speakers in this format. These are the speakers who speak second in both teams, and I talk about them together since their roles are very similar. There are 3 main responsibilities, to Defend their Case, to Attack the Case on the Other Side and to Make 1 or 2 new arguments.

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The Deputy Speakers enter the debate in the middle. They speak after the first speakers and before the 3rd speakers. They play an important role in maintaining the control and shaping the eventual clash points of the debate. To best achieve this, they should

A) Defend your case and position against the attacks of the other team

  • The speaker on the other side has just rebutted your teammate - you need to defend his or her arguments because that is your case. If the speaker DOESN'T rebut your teammate, draw attention their failure and re-emphasize why your team's points are important.

B) Attack the other team's position, case and arguments

  • Rebut, similar to what the leader of opposition did towards the prime minister.

C) Make 1 or 2 Arguments