Roles of Speakers - the Prime Minister

Prime Minister

I explain the role of the first speaker in this format. There are 3 main responsibilities, to Define and Set-Up the Debate, to Present the Team Position and Case and to Make 1 or 2 Arguments.

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Brief Notes on this Lecture 

The Prime Minister is the first person to speak in the Asian Parlimentary format. This is a very important speech as it defines the entire debate. This speech should lay down the groundwork for the entire debate and deliver the most important ideas. There are 3 important parts to this speech

A) Define and Set-Up the debate

  • What do you define? How words will be understood in this debate. You don't have to define every word, but words that might be misunderstood or words that have multiple meanings. Pretend you are the opposition and ask yourself what might confuse you. Don't provide dictionary definitions, but tell everyone how the word will be understood in the debate. Tell them what you mean, what you Don't mean, give them a similar meaning and give them an example.
  • set-up – how, where this debate will happen. What is the context? This is important because this is how the arguments will be evaluated. You need to explain why this debate is important, give some limites to the debate and answer any questions the other team or audience or judge might have.

B) Present Team Position and Case

  • What are you defending? What will you prove and not prove? Do you have a specific policy? Your position is your overall beliefs. Your case is a collection of your arguments, policy and theme.
  • What will you talk about and what will your second speaker talk about?

C) Make 1 or 2 Arguments

  • The first speaker must present the most important arguments. Do not save the best for last.