Video Lecture - Roles of Speakers - the Leader of Opposition

Leader of Opposition

I explain the role of the first speaker in this format. There are 3 main responsibilities, to Respond to the Definition and Set-Up of the Debate, to Present the Team Position and Case, To Rebut the Prime Minister and to Make 1 or 2 Arguments.

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Brief Notes on this Lecture

The First Speaker on the Opposition Team, or the Leader of Opposition is the second person to speak in the Asian Parliamentary debate format (after the Prime Minister). The LO's speech is what defines where the opposition team will clash with the government team and what direction the opposition will be taking in the debate. He or she has 3 main responsibilities:

A) Respond to definition and Set-Up from Government Team

  • Explain which parts of the position you agree and disagree with. You should try to find some common ground so you can have a debate but also some things you principally disagree with 

B) Present Team Position and Case

  • Based on the common ground and your principles, what is your position and your case? What are you defending? What will you prove and not prove? Do you have a specific policy?
  • What will you talk about and what will your second speaker talk about?

C) Rebut Government Arguments 

  • Briefly outline the Prime Minister's arguments, then rebut each of them

D) Make 1 or 2 Arguments

  • Like the PM, the LO must also develop new arguments.