Cover Letters

Follow our process

  • Purpose – to draw attention to myself and my resume
  • Audience – HR managers or someone specific. Would have strong knowledge of the industry and their company. Very busy people
  • Brainstorm ideas, organize, prioritize and then write. It helps you overcome writers block.

Cover Letter Tips

  1. Cover letter must be specific to the company you are sending your resume to. Do not send a generic cover letter.
  2. Cover letter should be addressed to someone specific – find out who it should be addressed to (ask the company, or people you know working in the company). That is the person with whom you can check about the status of your application.
  3. No spelling mistakes and check your grammar
  4. Don't talk about salary, leave that for the interview
  5. Not too short or too long. 3 to 5 paragraphs. Enough to read quickly, but not too brief. Should fit one page on an email.
  6. Speak the right language – if the organization is conservative and traditional, be more formal and reserved. If the organization is creative and dynamic, sound more energetic and open.

Title of the Cover Letter

  • Mention the Job Position and Advertisement here. Don't waste your first sentence talking about this
  • Re: Applying for Position of Lead Marketer at Starbucks Korea, as Advertised in Korea Herald on 30th February 2009