What is a Resume?

  • CV (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story')  and Resume  mean the same
  • It is a detailed description of the knowledge, skills and abilities you have that are relevant to for a specific position or company

Your Audience

  • they receive hundreds of CVs and resumes - don't make yours seem common (but also not too creative)
  • they are looking for something specific, don't fill your CV with everything you are good at
  • There are different standards and formats of CVs for different cultures, countries, companies. It is best to check with the company if they have a preferred format

Resume Tips

  • Do copy a CV. Ever
  • Do not lie on your CV. Ever
  • Get more information about the job you are applying for. Understand what they want. Ask for more details or do research.
  • Do not overuse emphasis
  • Do not have more than 2 different fonts