All Assignments : Project Company

Congratulations! You are going to form a company and conduct business in CAU!

You are required to establish a company to sell a product or provide a service to the CAU community. Your objective is to make profits (although this will not be part of your evaluation). For one day during class time, there will a Bazaar Day, when you will sell your product or service.

As part of this project, you will conduct at least 3 meetings and two presentations, which will contribute 60% of your grade.

Meeting 1 (40 minutes long)

  • Agenda is provided

  • To be held within the next 4 days, at a location and time of your choosing

  • Meeting Goals : Get to know each other, brainstorming a product or service and establish your company

  • To submit – Company Registration Form (submit at Meeting 2) and minutes of your meeting (emailed to me and submitted at Meeting 2). You should follow the format of these sample minutes.

Meeting 2 (15 minutes long)

  • Define your own agenda (email to me at least 2 days before the meeting)

  • Location and meeting order will be announced. The meeting will be held during the class period.
  • Meeting goals : Finalize a product and discuss sales strategy

  • Evaluation (agenda, minutes, success at achieving goals of meeting, time management). I will be present to evaluate the progress of your meeting. The meeting MUST end in 15 minutes (under timed is acceptable).

  • Note : do not choreograph and act out this meeting!

Meeting 3 (15 minutes long)

  • Agenda is provided
  • Location and meeting order will be announced. The meeting will be held during the class period.
  • Meeting goals : Explore possible collaboration with other groups
  • Each group will create 3 subcommittees (it must include all group members) who's jobs are to meet subcommittees from other groups and explore possible collaboration. I will arrange the meeting with other groups, but you should decide who is in Subcommittee A, Subcommittee B and Subcommittee C. I will determine which subcommittees meet whom. Teams can prepare for their meetings by looking at the minutes of the other meetings of the other groups.
  • A chair and note-taker will be randomly chosen at the meeting. You cannot negotiate this, everyone must be prepared to chair and take minutes.
  • Evaluation : contribution to the meeting and the role members play in ensuring the meeting progresses smoothly and is effective.
  • Output : Meeting discussion (observed), Minutes (all members are responsible to ensure minutes are accurate and done right)

Meeting 4 (30 minutes)

  • Meeting goal : Report information gathered by subcommittees and decide if collaboration is possible and desirable.
  • Output : Agenda and Minutes

Presentation 1

  • Group : Our Company; The Story of Our Success
  • More Details here (2nd page)
  • Order of Presentations
    • Group 6
    • Group 3
    • Group 9
    • Group 8
    • Group 7
    • Group 1
    • Group 4
    • Group 5
    • Group 2

Presentation 2