Organizing Your Speech

A) Organizing Your Speech

Organization is the most important part of your speech. It allows your audience to clearly understand what you are talking about, and allows you to maximize your speech time. If your speech is not organized, your audience will be confused and won't understand your powerful ideas!

There are 3 main parts to your speech

  • Opening – your opening statement and outline of your speech
  • Content – all your main ideas, the largest part of your speech
  • Closing – a summary and strong closing statement

B) Organizing your Ideas

The power of an idea comes from how that idea is developed and presented. Powerful ideas are ideas that are developed logically and are most relevant to what you are trying to prove.

In a debate, each different idea or a reason for your team is called an Argument. Teams will have many arguments, and arguments will be used against the other team's arguments. When you are trying to disprove an argument, that is called making a rebuttal.

Each idea has 3 parts

  • Label : A name for your idea. This helps your audience remember this idea and helps you and your teams to refer to it later in the debate. A label should be short and easy to remember. The label should also make a claim and not just describe something (for example, don't say “Quality”, say “High Quality” or “Improves Quality” or “Best Quality)
  • Explanation : This is the logical development of your idea. Use cause and effect relationships to persuade your audience that your idea is logically related to your topic and is true (for example, “our product is of high quality because it is made of the finest materials. The materials are a very important part of the product, because if the materials fail, then the entire product will fail. This makes our product work accurately and last a long time”
  • Evidence : Even if people believe your logic, they need some real-world proof of your idea. You need to give evidence that your logic is true (for example “our material is composed of 50% titanium, 23% silver and 10% magnozium and 7% hope, which Science Journals rates as the best combination to use”)

C) Example of Full Speech Structure


Opening Statement

This is something interesting that you say to attract the attention of your audience. It should be relevant to your speech and short.

This can be a greeting, quote, statement, joke.

Good morning everyone!”

If we cannot create life, should we remove it?”

On this day, 30 years ago, Donald Duck first talked about abortion, when he said....”


Speech Outline

Briefly state what you are going to be talking about in your speech. This helps your audience understand your speech, and also builds up interest in your speech

In my speech today I will talk about 3 things, the Right to Life, the Role of Governments, and Second Chances”


Idea A : Label

This the name of an Idea

Right to Life”


Idea A : Explanation

The logical explanation of your idea

The right to life is the most important right any country can give to its citizens”


Idea A : Evidence

Proof of your idea

Every constitution of every country guarantees the right of life”



Summarize your main ideas to remind your audience of what you said. Be sure to use the same labels you used in your speech

In my speech today I told you why we should ban the death penalty. I argued that we all have a Right to Life, that this is the main Role of Government and why we all deserve Second Chances.


Closing Statement

A powerful ending statement to ensure your audience remembers you

Just because we want to prevent murder, we all may end up being murderers when we vote for murder”

..and I am Very Proud To Propose”