Assignment Two : Negative & Persuasive Message

This is a group assignment, worth 10 points. It is due on the 3rd of November.

There are two parts to this assignment, one for Negative Messages and one for Persuasive Messages. You Must do both. 

Negative Messages

This part will be based on the two examples you have been given. Choose ONE of the examples and rewrite it in two different ways. You must change the buffer to another type (example, Agreement, Good News etc).

When you submit the assignment, you only have to submit the re-written messages. State which new buffer was chosen. 

Persuasive Messages

Find 2 persuasive messages, one written using a Direct approach and one written using an Indirect approach. You can find this from a newspaper, magazine or online. Each message should be between 300 and 500 words long. You Cannot use the examples given in class.

Task A) : Detection

For each message, analyze and identify the following :

a) AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
b) General Tips (Simple language, Supporting facts, Establishing Common ground, Objectivity, Displaying good intentions). You must find at least 3 tips.

Print out the article and mark and identify the relevant parts.

Task B) : Recreation

Choose ONE article and rewrite it in a different approach (i.e from Direct to Indirect or Indirect to Direct). Ensure the ideas in the message remain the same (same labels and facts, but you can modify the explanation slightly).