Creating an Outline for your Message

4 Stages of Creating Your Message

The most important part of any communication message usually happens before the message is delivered. Unfortunately often people don't spend enough time and thought planning what to say. Usually when we are tasked with delivering or creating a message, we immediately start writing. This reduces the number of options we have to truly shape our message, blurs the main focus of the message and reduces overall effectiveness.

There are 4 stages to message creation that we are going to explore. They are as follows:

  1. Think

  2. Plan

  3. Build

  4. Present


It may seem like a lot of time to spend before actually writing the message (and time is money!) but there are a few benefits of writing the outline.

  1. Shape a Clearer Message : Preparing your outline increases the accuracy and effectiveness of your message. Getting a message out quickly is useless if people don't fully understand you, and a waste of time if you have to write it again.
  2. Allow to Create Many Messages : One outline can be used to create many different messages in different formats. This can actually save you time!
  3. Helps you to Better Understand your Task : Planning the outline helps you learn more about what you need to do, which can improve your assessment of the message, improve the message (and objective of the message) and create better messages in the future.

For every message that we write, we should do some planning beforehand. It will take a little more time, but what's the point of saving time if your message is not effective?