Debate Notes

Here is (hopefully) everything you need to learn about debate! If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please email me.

Introduction to Debate

1. Introduction to Debate Concepts 

  • The goal of this session is to show that debate is a natural human activity and familiarize participants with some basic concepts. The main concepts introduced are - topic, sides, arguments and rebuttals. 
  • The activity aims to give students an experience of debate - students are split into 3 groups (3 SUPPORT a topic and 3 OPPOSE a topic) and engage in a large classroom debate. 
  • Lectures notes and explanation of the activity , the activity in slides

2. Speech Structure

3.  Natural Speaking and Explanation Strategies

  • The goal of this session is to encourage students to speak naturally and realize that the biggest challenge is overcoming the mindset that public speaking is frightening. 
  • Activity : The students play a word expression game (a simplfied version of the card game Taboo) in teams. The game should be as competitive as possible so students forget they are making speeches.
  • Explanation of the Activity and Discussion afterwards, Activity that can be given to students after the game or used separately, Assignment for homework or in class work

Debate Formats

  1. Introduction to the Asian Parliamentary Format
  2. Introduction to the British Parliamentary Format (coming soon!)
  3. Introduction to the World Schools Format (coming soon!)

Debate Skills

  1. Rebuttal Strategies
  2. Using your Preparation Time
  3. Argumentation (coming soon!)
  4. Definition Skills (coming soon!)
  5. Points of Information Skills (coming soon!)