Dean's Cup


The tournament is over and it was a resounding success! A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteer judges and students who came on time and behaved as adults!

The full tournament report is available here. Students, this is NOT your score! This is a record of every round. The sheet Saturday-Scores and Sunday-Scores list the result of every round, so the column on the far right list the total number of wins collected by each team in total.

The Dean's Cup is back!

9am to 5pm, 4th OR 5th of June (Tournament happens on both days, you should choose one. There are more spaces on Sunday)

Please note that this tournament is MANDATORY for all students who are taking the Debate in Business Course. You MUST register with your team and choose a day to debate before the 20th of May.

The exact venues and schedule will be announced later, but it will be held in Chung Ang University from 9am to 5pm. Please make yourself available.

Follow the links below to find out about the motions, schedule, grading criteria and read through some frequently asked questions.

Dean's Cup Grading Criteria

This is the grading criteria that we will be using for the Dean's Cup. The total score is 30.

  • Attend the debate = 3 points
  • Ask and Accept POI = 0.5 each (a maximum of 1 point, Reply Speaker must ask 2 Points of Information)
  • Speech above 3 minutes = +1
  • Speech above 4 minutes = +2
  • Speech above 5 minutes (but less than 5.30) = +3
  • Speech above 5.30 minutes = +1
    • For Reply Speakers 
    • Above 2 minutes = +1
    • Above 2.30 minutes = +2
    • Above 3 minutes = +3
    • Above 3.30 minutes = +1
  • *Minimum Speech Quality = 3 points

Total = 10 points

If you do this across 3 debates, you will get 30 points.

*To understand what Minimum Speech Quality is, refer to the Dean's Cup Evaluation Ballot that is attached below. You need to achieve the minimum score for questions 1 to 6, meaning avoid getting NO for questions 1 to 4, and avoid YES for questions 5 and 6.

There are also bonus scores to give you an incentive to put some effort into your debating. For each debate, the judges will choose two Best Speakers.

  • Win the debate = +1 for every speaker in the team
  • Best speaker = +0.5
deans cup evaluation ballot.pdf71.94 KB

Dean's Cup Schedule

9am Gathering in Room 207, Law Building Auditorium

Attendance will be taken from 9am

9.15am - Match-ups and Motions for Round 1 Announced

9.30am - Debate Round 1

10.45am - Match-ups and Motions for Round 2 Announced - Debate Round 2


1.30pm - Match-ups and Motions for Round 3 Announced

1.45pm - Debate Round 3

3.00pm - Match-ups and Motions for Round 4 Announced 

3.15pm - Debate Round 4



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am late?
Your team will have to debate without you. One of your teammates will have to speak twice. You will not receive a score for that round

What if I cannot come on that day?
If you have a legitimate excuse, inform your Professor and a substitute assignment will be created for you. However you have to make a serious effort to come, since this is similar to your final exam. 

If I lose every round, can I still get the full score?
Yes you can! Just speak above 5 minutes (but below 5.30), ask and answer POIs and make sure you have minimum speech quality.

If I am on the losing team, can I get chosen as the Best Speaker?
Yes you can! 

What is the criteria for Best Speaker?
The Best Speaker is the person who, compared to all the other speakers in the debate, was the most persuasive, had the best style and organization, and tried the hardest to win the debate. 

Motions for Dean's Cup Spring 2011

One motion will be randomly selected from this list before each round. You will then have ten minutes to prepare, so it is strongly suggested you familiarize yourself with these motions now!

  1. Identities of sex offenders should be made public after they have been released from prison
  2. Teachers unions should not have the right to strike
  3. Governments should never bail out failing companies
  4. Parents should have access to their children's social networking accounts
  5. Plastic surgery should be banned for those under the age of 21
  6. South Korea should legalize abortion for all women
  7. There should be a quota for a minimum number of women on the board of directors of all major companies
  8. It's time South Korea broke up their Chaebols
  9. Idol stars a bad influence on today's youth
  10. Korea should abolish taxes on imported food (e.g rice, beef etc)