Biz Com 1 : Course Details

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Professor Logandran Balavijendran
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  • Tuesday (11.30am to 2.30pm)
  • Thursday (3.30pm to 5.30pm)
  • Friday (5.30 to 6.30)


Course Notes

Part 1 : Ethics in Business

We discuss what ethics are and how they affect companies. We talk about the role of companies, and divide ethics in business into 3 categories, and discuss questions in those categories. We look at the difference between Ethical Problems and Ethical Mistakes, and finally, focus on Ethics in Business Communication.

Download : Notes , ppt

Part 2 : Meetings and Other Group Based Communication

We analyze the different forms of group based communication and understand how they should be used. We look into meetings in detail, covering areas like meeting tools, preparation and meeting management.

Download : Part I - Understanding Meetings, Part II - Meeting Tools,

Part 3 : Public Presentations

We explore the skills and techniques required to deliver a strong business presentation, both as groups and individuals. Some things we will cover are Preparation and Planning, Visual Aids, Questions and Answers. We will also analyze some examples.

Download : Public Business Presentations




You will have one main assignment this semester, which is Project Company! Your goal is to create and execute a business. You will be evaluated on the process of establishing and running your company, and not on your profit margin.

Visit the Project Company page for more details. Or click here for your Remaining schedule of the semester.

All Assignments : Project Company

Congratulations! You are going to form a company and conduct business in CAU!

You are required to establish a company to sell a product or provide a service to the CAU community. Your objective is to make profits (although this will not be part of your evaluation). For one day during class time, there will a Bazaar Day, when you will sell your product or service.

As part of this project, you will conduct at least 3 meetings and two presentations, which will contribute 60% of your grade.

Meeting 1 (40 minutes long)

  • Agenda is provided

  • To be held within the next 4 days, at a location and time of your choosing

  • Meeting Goals : Get to know each other, brainstorming a product or service and establish your company

  • To submit – Company Registration Form (submit at Meeting 2) and minutes of your meeting (emailed to me and submitted at Meeting 2). You should follow the format of these sample minutes.

Meeting 2 (15 minutes long)

  • Define your own agenda (email to me at least 2 days before the meeting)

  • Location and meeting order will be announced. The meeting will be held during the class period.
  • Meeting goals : Finalize a product and discuss sales strategy

  • Evaluation (agenda, minutes, success at achieving goals of meeting, time management). I will be present to evaluate the progress of your meeting. The meeting MUST end in 15 minutes (under timed is acceptable).

  • Note : do not choreograph and act out this meeting!

Meeting 3 (15 minutes long)

  • Agenda is provided
  • Location and meeting order will be announced. The meeting will be held during the class period.
  • Meeting goals : Explore possible collaboration with other groups
  • Each group will create 3 subcommittees (it must include all group members) who's jobs are to meet subcommittees from other groups and explore possible collaboration. I will arrange the meeting with other groups, but you should decide who is in Subcommittee A, Subcommittee B and Subcommittee C. I will determine which subcommittees meet whom. Teams can prepare for their meetings by looking at the minutes of the other meetings of the other groups.
  • A chair and note-taker will be randomly chosen at the meeting. You cannot negotiate this, everyone must be prepared to chair and take minutes.
  • Evaluation : contribution to the meeting and the role members play in ensuring the meeting progresses smoothly and is effective.
  • Output : Meeting discussion (observed), Minutes (all members are responsible to ensure minutes are accurate and done right)

Meeting 4 (30 minutes)

  • Meeting goal : Report information gathered by subcommittees and decide if collaboration is possible and desirable.
  • Output : Agenda and Minutes

Presentation 1

  • Group : Our Company; The Story of Our Success
  • More Details here (2nd page)
  • Order of Presentations
    • Group 6
    • Group 3
    • Group 9
    • Group 8
    • Group 7
    • Group 1
    • Group 4
    • Group 5
    • Group 2

Presentation 2