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Here are the details for the Forum Today

  • 630 to 830/9
  • 약학관 대강당 (3rd floor, R&D building near the front gate)
  • treat it like a class


It's a new semester and that means new courses! The list on the right (under the "CAU Courses" menu) lists all the courses that I am teaching this semester. Some important things to note

  • do NOT print all the notes now. Some of them might change
  • the assignments listed are NOT confirmed, wait until I announce them in class
  • you do NOT need to log in or create a user ID, but you can if you want

If you have any questions, please email me! =]

For my cham seminar class today, I am going to show two short videos (both were nominated the Oscars - a sign of their excellence if networking abilities - and one won).


La Maison en Petits Cubes

Great website to help research on effectiveness of sanctions. It lists sanctions enacted in the past, described the actions in details and makes an assessment on success or failure. Check these out

Just a friendly reminder that your Assignment 2 is due tomorrow, or 7 days after you received the email! Don't forget! =]

Mid-semesters are this week and we won't be having classes. To all my students, Good Luck for your exams! If you owe me an assignment, please send it in before the deadline! =]


School starts again and it's GREAT to be back! =] I had an awesome summer and am looking forward to an amazing fall!

This semester I will be teaching Business Communication, Cham Semina and a whole new course called Debate + Presentation, Writing and Interviews! I'm very excited about the new course because firstly I designed the entire syllabus and am anxious to see if it works, and secondly because it will be a general course and that means students from every faculty in CAU! (not that I don't like students from my faculty, but you know, diversity is good! =])

Those of you who missed the Korean National Championships in EWHA University, you can watch debates every Wednesday, at 7pm, at Law Building, room 305. This can count for your assignment. I will be there too.


The famous Chung Ang University Debate Society (CUDS) will be having their first debate meeting tomorrow!! Everyone is invited!

  • When?  : 6.30 pm to 9 pm (after that is dinner and drinks!!)
  • Where? : Law Building, room 305
  • What will happen? : There will be a demonstration debate, followed my introduction session and then party!

See you there! 

The first tournament of Spring will be held at Chung Ang University in Collaboration with the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) this weekend. It will be a great place to meet up after the long winter break and knock off the rust in preparation for the KIDA National Tournament.

For those new to debate, this will also be a great place to watch debate, try out debating or just hang around and meet some great, fun, nice-smelling people!