Introduction to the Asian Parliamentary Format

Here are things you will need to learn about the Asian Parliamentary debate format.

1. General Introduction to the format

  • General features of the format, namely the Teams and Speaking Order, Timing, Points of Information and Reply Speeches

2. Roles of Speakers - the First Speaker or the Prime Minister

  • The 3 main responsibilities, to Define and Set-Up the Debate, to Present the Team Position and Case and to Make 1 or 2 Arguments.

3. Roles of Speakers - the First Speaker in Opposition or the Leader of Opposition

  • This speaker should Respond to the Definition and Set-up, Present the Opposition Case and Position, Rebut the PM's Case and Make 1 or 2 Arguments

4. Roles of Speakers - the Second Speakers in both teams, or the Deputies

  • Deputy speakers must defend their Team Case, Attack the Case of their Opponents and Make 1 or 2 new arguments

5. Roles of Speakers - the Third Speakers in both teams, or the Whips

  • Whip speakers should briefly summarize their team's case, summarize and prioritize the most important issues in the debate, and then rebut and analyze those issues

6. Roles of Speakers - the Final speakers, or the Replies

  • Replies tell every what the debate is about, summarize the position of both teams and then compare those positions and tell you why their team wins!

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